How do I access content available to my university or other organisation?

Your organisation may have access to some content on Cambridge Core. We always recommend contacting your librarian first about what content your organisation has access to or to find out the preferred access methods for your organisation.

The most common method of access is via IP recognition. If your organisation has enabled access through IP recognition, you simply need to access at the correct location within the IP range, and your organisation's content will automatically be available.

You can verify you have access by clicking on 'Access provided by', next to the 'Register' / 'Log In' button

Screen shot showing button for access provided by

Accessing via institutional login   

Institutional Login (commonly known as Single Sign-On) allows you to log in with the login details you use for your organisation (e.g. your university email address and password). If they have not requested their account to be configured to use Institutional Login, then this method will result in an error.

  • Click on the 'Log In' button
  • Select 'Access through your institution' button
  • On the Find your institution page, enter the name of your organisation in the search box and select from the results displayed
    • Check the Remember my choice option for future sessions
    • Click 'Continue to login'
  • You will be taken to your organisation login page.  Log in with your username and password as provided by your organisation
  • Once you log in you will be returned to Cambridge Core
    • Browse to the content you want by using the search engine
    • You can verify you have access by clicking on 'Access Provided By' next to the Register / Log In button

Using Seamless Access

We support Seamless Access which can be detected if you have logged into your organisation from other websites. You can click the Seamless Access button if your previous login was detected and avoid entering your username and password. Alternatively, if no previous session was detected you can click the Seamless Access button to be taken to the regular Institutional Login journey.

Alternatively, you can change your organisation using the 'change institution' link under the Seamless Access button.

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