How do I access usage data for my organisation on Cambridge Core?

To retrieve Counter 5 usage statistics for the Cambridge Core platform you must be an Administrator for the organisation in question. Cambridge Core usage statistics are available from September 2016-Present Day. 

  • Log into Cambridge CoreScreen shot showing login button
  • Click on My Account in the top right-hand cornerScreen shot showing my account button
  • On the left-hand side, under Organisation Home click on Usage StatisticsScreen shot showing Usage Statistics tab
  • Enter your start and end date in the Download COUNTER reports area for the data you wish to retrieve

        Screen shot showing form for select reporting period

  • Select the type of report you wish to run and the format (CSV or TXT) you want in the Select a report and format boxScreen shot showing option to select file type
  • Click Request Report and the report will generator and the progress will be displayed on the page.Screen shot showing Request file button
  • When finished a download button will be displayedScreen shot showing download button
  • You can have 3 reports running simultaneously. 
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